the ambassadors of rhythm’n rockin blues


It’s the rhyhtm and the blues, it’s the twang and the rock - it’s the Hoodoo Sinners callin’!

A fistfull of Rosco Gordon, adding a twist of Link Wray and top it up with some Bo Diddley?
Well it’s not as simple as that. Thee ambassadors in black play 50s and 60s roots rock in their
very own energetic and twangy rockin’ blues way.

Their sound is tight and solid all down the way, wether it’s an up tempo version of Rosco Gordon’s „ no more doggin“ or
their own wild rockin’ „Hoodoo Sinners“ theme. There rides the doghouse bass and drums, pumpin’ like a
steamin’ downsouth train. Two twangy guitars bringing up melodic surf and turf whilst that raw howlin’ voice
calls the shoutin’ blues harp and that mellow saxophone to join. Blend it all together and this is what you get:
A powerful live performance merging classic crooner and rocking tunes with their own sleazy and sinful
Las Vegas Grind butt shakers


Nico Sinner – Vocals & Screams // Martin Telfser – Guitar // Jonathan – Dog House Bass // Pat Madison – Second Guitar /Saxophon & Harp // Pistolero Pepe – Drums