• Johnny Bluth: Vocal/Rhythm Guitar/Harp

  • Giorgio Semeraro: Doublebass

  • Alex Weeth: Electric Guitar

  • Pistolero Pepe: Drums/Percussion

“I was born on October 9th, 1980 in Nürtingen/Germany and grew up in a one horse town (Schlattstall/South Germany) with 120 habitants. As a child I always heard people saying “You’re nothing but trouble!” This gave the name Johnny Trouble in 1997. My first guitar I bought at age 13. At this time my only interest was making music. School work and marks slowly turned bad because my guitar seemed to be more important than schoolwork. The last years at school I became absent and they kicked me out. At that time I already had a couple of bands and played several small gigs.

My musical tastes had already started by the age of 7, I had heard Johnny Cash for the first time and after some tastes in punk, blues and folk I came back to country and rockabilly in 2000. Hank Williams, Johnny Horton, Marty Robbins, Elvis Presley, Kris Kristofferson were my heroes. The influence of blues, punk and folk still where entrenched.
Furry Lewis, Fred McDowell, Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan, Sex Pistols - great artists for me.

After my father died I struggled around with different jobs trying to make my living. Landscaper, carpenter, removals and so on, but I always wanted to make my living with music.

In 2002 I first met Tall Tony and his doublebass…2 weeks later bluesharp-player White Dynamite joined us. I wanted to work out a couple of songs with these guys and I was looking for a room to practice. But they persuaded me to play on street corners…So here we where, busking almost every day and we made good money with it. The problem was that we spend all the money on booze in Stuttgarts nightclubs and music-pubs.
Around 2004 Felix Berchtold joined the band. The last time he held a guitar in his hand he was a little child. So he played the rhythm chords and I was able to play electric guitar. Two or three years later Felix guitar playing out stripped me and we changed instruments. That gave me the opportunity to concentrate on singing and songwriting.

We had several drummers that we changed like our underwear. White Dynamite dropped out of the band. In 2006 Wendl Längle joined the band with his steelguitar and one year later our first album “The Rhythm Of The Railroad track” came out. The first 6 songs were self penned, I had wrote them in two weeks. The rest of the album we filled with songs which we found in Wendls Vinyl collection. The recordings for this album we made in my living room with just one microphone. Shortly later I released the album “Starring As Rambling Man”. The songs for this album I wrote and recorded between 2002 and 2005.

Around 2008 we played two shows in Switzerland. We were playing encores and Pistolero Pepe came on stage with just one snaredrum just for fun. I always loved the sound of a snaredrum and was fascinated which led me to begging him to be a steady member of the band. I wrote new songs and we made the recordings to the album “Rainy Days” With this album we played almost whole Europe. Requests from Spain, Italy, France, Swiss, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia and Germany came in. During that time Wendl dropped out of the band.

Felix married and moved out of my house. The empty rooms became the recording studio “Running Gun Recordings” . After private disasters I got in touch with the British photographer Joe Kelly ( through the media FaceBook we became good friends with Joe writing lyrics and providing photos for the album, me providing music ) Enough material for a new album was together and a new CD was born “That’s Love”. We recorded as well a 7′ with two songs from “The Rhythm Of The Railroadtrack” (Prison Bound/Lonesome Guitar). Because of a wager with Stevie Schulze a Vinyl LP with songs from all albums is coming out soon. Most of the songs are re-recordings and also includes a new song called “The Johnny Trouble Theme”.

For the future, I am very excited with a busy schedule for recording and lots of live shows, also ecstatic about an upcoming tour in USA and Mexico this year…”

Yours Johnny Bluth